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; Tôi cần phải gọi đại sứ quán. : Necesito llamar a la embajada (''neh-seh-SEE-toh yah-MAHR ah lah em-bah-HAH-dah'')
In general, the Spanish numbering system is fairly straightforward. For numbers from 21-29, the "e" from "veinte" is substituted with an "i", and the ordinal number is added to the back. For numbers from 31-99, the tens and ones are separated by "y" (eg. 31: treinta y uno; 99: noventa y nueve). Note the "y" is not used to separate the hundreds from the tens, or the thousands from the hundreds. From 200 onwards, the hundreds are named by using the ''ordinal number'' + ''cientos'' (eg: 200: doscientos), but the numbers 500, 700 and 900 are exceptions to this rule and must be memorised. Naming of the thousands is straightforward, with ''ordinal number'' + ''mil''. From the millions onwards, note that the plural for is used for numbers above 1,000,000. Also note that unlike English, Spanish uses the long scale. Therefore, ''un billón'' and ''un trillón'' is not the same as the English "one billion" and "one trillion".

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