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Bản mẫu:Regionlist

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This template is used to display a color-coded map of regions and a legend with the region color, name and description. Use of this template is as follows:

| regionmap=The name of the region map
| regionmaptext=Text to display under the map image
| regionmapsize=The size of the map in px. Defaults to 350px if not passed
| region1name=The name of the first region
| region1color=The HTML color code to use in the legend for the first region
| region1items=An optional list of items to appear in parentheses next to the region name
| region1description=A description of the region

The parameters above should be repeated for additional regions, but replace "region1" with "region2", "region3", etc. An example usage of this template with real data follows (descriptions have been truncated for readability):

| regionmap=Map-USA-Regions01.png
| regionmaptext=Regions of the USA
| regionmapsize=300px
| region1name=[[California|California]]
| region1color=#e0fa92
| region1items=
| region1description=In some ways quintessentially American, and in...
| region2name=[[Pacific Northwest (United States of America)|Pacific Northwest]]
| region2color=#38911c
| region2items=[[Washington (state)|Washington]], [[Oregon|Oregon]]
| region2description=The pleasantly mild Pacific Northwest offers...