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To see and edit exchange rates go to Template:Exchangerate/list and click on the link for the currency combination

Exchange rate templates used in currency exchange info boxes[sửa]

To show exchange rate using {{Exchangerate|1|USD|EUR}} will give you 0,816, meaning $1 is this amount in €.

To display when exchange rate was last updated use {{Exchangerate/date|USD|EUR}} . This will give you - 03 tháng 10 2021.

To display exchange rate box use {{exchangerate/box| currencyCode=EUR| USD=1}}

To display currency name use {{Exchangerate/name|USD}} . This will give you - US dollar.

To display currency symbol use {{Exchangerate/symbol|USD}} . This will give you - $.

Individual currency display[sửa]

Some currencies have templates to display specific prices

To display a monetary value and see in other currencies on mouseover

{{USD|2}} will give you : $2
{{EUR|2}} will give you : €2
{{ZAR|100}} will give you : R100

To display symbol of currencies when no exchange rate available

{{BDT|2}} will give you : Bản mẫu:BDT